What Is New Gotham?

New Gotham is a nonprofit organization based in Chicago. We're dedicated toward creating open environments to learn and grow within the coffee community. Enthusiast and Professionals, alike.


TNTs (Thursday Night Throwdowns) are monthly Latte Art Throwdowns typically held on either the fourth Thursday of each month. Baristas and enthusiasts compete head to head for the best latte in a bracketed system until one is left standing. These events promote a healthy competition for honing ones latte art skills and provide a safe space for the Chicago Coffee Community can come together as a whole outside of ones company to relax and connect with friends and newcomers.



Getting involved is super easy. You can become involved by either clicking the volunteer link or by talking to any of our board members at any NewGotham event.

How Do I Become A Member?

Membership is a new thing for us as a way to help support New Gotham through our community. Currently, at any event you can sign up to become a member by talking to anyone on the board of New Gotham. Membership includes a NewGotham t-shirt, exclusive updates on events before the general community, and other fun opportunities to learn and grown in the Chicago Coffee Community.